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"I am absolutely delighted to be invited to be involved with this Training Camp. It is a unique opportunity for both the Gymnasts and Coaches to further their ability. From the exciting training program, fantastic facility, wonderful hotel, delicious food, and dedicated staff - the setting is absolutely ideal for everyone to make excellent progress in an inspiring environment. I look forward to working personally with all of the Gymnasts and Coaches at the 2020 SUNLIVE International WAG Training Camp"


» Sunday, day 1
Morning – Participants Check-in in Estalagem de Sangalhos
12.00 – Lunch
14.00 – 17.00 - Training session
17.30 – 19.00 – Lecture for coaches and swimming pool
19.30 - Dinner

» Monday, day 2
7.30 – Breakfast
8.30 – 10.30 – Training session
(artistry and conditioning)
10.45 – 12.00 – Swimming pool
12.30 – Lunch
13.30 – 14.30 – Lecture for coaches
Afternoon – Training session and games
20.00 – Dinner

» Camp dates:
- 17h to 22nd August
- 30th August to 4th September
» Tuesday, day 3
8.00 – Breakfast  
Morning – Training session and artistry session
12.30 – Lunch
13.30 – 14.30 – Lecture for coaches
Afternoon – Training session and swimming pool
20.00 – Dinner  
» Wednesday, day 4
8.00 – Breakfast
8.30 – 9.30 – Lecture for coaches
Morning – Light training session
12.00 - Lunch
13.00 – Tour to Aveiro and beach
20.00 – Dinner
» Thursday, day 5
8.00 – Breakfast
Morning – Training session and artistry session
12.30 – Lunch
13.30 – 14.30 – Lecture for coaches
Afternoon – Training session and swimming pool
20.00 – Dinner

» Friday, day 6
8.00 – Breakfast
8.30 – 9.30 – Lecture for coaches
Morning – Training session
13.00 – Lunch
Afternoon – Final training session and “Meet the Olympians”
19.00 – Final dinner and party
* This program may have few changes


The High Performance Center in Anadia is a top multi-sports venue. Within the velodrome, we have almost 3000 square meters with all the equipment for every Gymnastics Disciplines. This was the home of several FIG World Challenge Cup in the last few years, as lots of other international and national competitions. 

This is one of the most wanted Gym Centers in Europe for high-level teams camps. Top National teams like Great Britain, Brazil, France, Belgium, Switzerland and many other national teams and clubs made from off-season camps to specific preparation for olympics or world championships in this venue.

It’s a fully equiped gym with 2 official floors, 2 very comfortable pit zones, all the apparatus to official mats and to the pit, trampolines, fastrack, etc. Obviously, every WAG equipment will be set for our camp.

Rua Ivo Neves
3780-524 Sangalhos
GPS: N: 40º28'46, W: 8º28'27



- Provide a unique WAG training experience, with gymnasts from different countries, in the excellent High Performance Centre in Anadia, connected with other leisure activities to all participants.

- Provide high level education and guidance for coaches.


- Gymnasts born in 2010 and before.

- WAG coaches;

- Parents and other gymnasts companions.

In order to preserve the quality of the camp, we’ll only accept the first 40 registrations. If  less than 25 gymnasts registered, the camp will be cancelled. In that case, all the paymants will be refunded.

Technical responsibility: To participate in the camp, each gymnast must be accompanied by, at least, one coach, that will be responsible for the individual training of the gymnast, within the general orientations given by the camp coordination

Insurance: Registrations will only be accepted after a presentation of a valid certificate of insurance of the gymnast.

Languages: The official language of the camp will be the English. However, Portuguese, Spanish, French and German languages will also be admitted by the coaching team and the hotel staff.


Rua Narciso da Marça
3780-101 Sangalhos - Anadia
GPS: 40º28' 37.88"N. 8º27' 34.14"W.
Phone.: +351 234 745 133  


Nowadays we are a company performing on a wider range of solutions on several areas, working within a solid network with diferent partnerships, developed through the contacts in our Hotel in Portugal with our clients, allowing us to respond into several business opportunities..

IN 2019

Some memories from our incredible 2019 camp

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