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"I am absolutely delighted to be invited to be involved with this Training Camp. It is a unique opportunity for both the Gymnasts and Coaches to further their ability. From the exciting training program, fantastic facility, wonderful hotel, delicious food, and dedicated staff - the setting is absolutely ideal for everyone to make excellent progress in an inspiring environment. I look forward to working personally with all of the Gymnasts and Coaches at the 2019 SUNLIVE International WAG Training Camp"

“For me, it’s a great privilege to coordinate this unique training camp in the excellent Anadia’s High Performance Centre. Our amazing and very experienced coaching team is a warranty of the quality of the camp. In this second edition, we have the honor to have with us again the Super-FIG Expert Carol-Angela Orchard and some of the best portuguese coaches to lead the camp. We’ll mix our FIG Academies and Training Camps experience with leisure activities for all in our portuguese fantastic weather and education for coaches in an international but friendly environment in the sports hotel Estalagem de Sangalhos, host of dozens of high level camps. Numbers are limited, so join us as soon as possible!”


Nowadays we are a company performing on a wider range of solutions on several areas, working within a solid network with diferent partnerships, developed through the contacts in our Hotel in Portugal with our clients, allowing us to respond into several business opportunities..

IN 2018

Some memories from our incredible 2018 camp

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